How To Connect With Nature While Staying At Home Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Guest Writer: Seema Prasad

Indoor plants

One way to deal with the stress and uncertainty of quarantining is to recreate elements of nature within the home environment in order to soothe the mind and cope better in these trying times.

If you are having a hard time staying sane right now, especially with the outpouring of information on COVID-19 setting the alarm bells ringing regarding public health, there are small things you can add to the surroundings to reclaim nature. All it takes is a bit of creativity and effort. 

Adding small elements to your immediate surroundings could make a huge difference to your well-being. As per a recent article on mindbodygreen, here are the few things one can do to bring bits of nature to the indoors:

Calm Your Senses

Spread the aroma of essential oils around the room to ease your mood and reset to calmness. You can also keep a scenic photograph that inspires positive vibes and takes your mind off the pandemic while making you appreciate how awe-inspiring nature is within close proximity. Also, you can bookmark a beautiful slideshow to rescue you from feeling anxiety when mining the internet for information. 

Listen To Natural Sounds

Several apps have natural sounds such as the chirping of birds, crashing of waves and trees swaying. Listening to these sounds while meditating decreases the fight-or-flight response in the amygdala, the activity center of the brain.

Add Natural Elements To The Indoors

You can also easily incorporate certain plants into the interior design of your home. In your office space, you can try incorporating scented plants that are said to boost productivity or otherwise add a herb garden by the window at home. 

You can also have a small fountain or fish tank that emanate calmness. Patterns and colors inspired by natural spaces also spruce up the surroundings with an element of earthiness, which could potentially improve mental well-being. 


Night-sky gazing has been shown by research to have a mood-enhancing effect. Since we cannot go out and exercise during the quarantine, this activity could provide some exposure to the vast expanse of nature, albeit with limitations. Watching the planets and the moon could be a humbling reminder that we are just a tiny part of the larger scheme of things. 

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