Managing Stress in Healthy Ways (Part II)

Written By: Stephanie Reck, LCSW

Steps to Coping with Stress and ways to Manage Stress Levels:

1. Spend daily time in the Word, praying and giving thanksgiving for the things that are good in your life.

2. Attend church regularly and fellowship with the Body of Christ.

3. Write down (5) things to be thankful for EVERYDAY. Keep a Gratitude Journal.

4. Journal, write often. Write the date on each journal entry and how you are feeling, what God is speaking to you, and anything else that would be helpful.

5. Walk or do light exercising. Walking is the best exercise for stress reduction.

6. Take it One Day at a Time. Focus your energy and thoughts on the present day.

7. Do something fun daily! Enjoy your life!

8. Find a hobby such as gardening, bird watching, or painting.

9. Watch comedies often! Laugh! Smile!

10. Take every thought captive into the Obedience of Jesus Christ and renew your mind continually. Watch what you are thinking and talking about.

11. Eat balanced meals consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein. Stay away as much as possible from fried foods, processed foods, sugary snacks, and high-energy drinks.

12. Drink 3 cups of green tea. You can choose to drink (1) 8oz. cup of coffee.

13. Switch to Stevia instead of sugar.

14. Limit your time with negative, draining, and toxic people. Watch who your spending your time with.

15. Avoid overreacting to problems as much as possible. Practice praying first, and being still.

16. Listen to relaxation music such as jazz, classical, and soothing sounds.

17. Take bubble baths and light scented candles.

18. Light scented candles and other fragrant scents throughout your home.

19. Don’t take on the burdens and problems of others. You can pray for others always and intercede ONLY when God calls you to.

20. Set limits and boundaries with others. Learn to say, “No.” Do not try and meet the expectations of everyone.

21. Be a God pleaser not a man pleaser.

22. Do not seek the approval of others but what God would have you to do.

23. If you are able to afford a massage or you can have your spouse do for you.

24. Take time off when you can. Rest when you can. You don’t have to be going and doing all the time!

25. Take small vacations or staycations if you cannot afford to leave.

26. Nap when you can and when you need to, its okay!

27. Eat sitting down and eat slowly and enjoy your meals.

28. Do not live in a hurry or rushing around. Let your pace be relaxing.

29. Help when you can help but don’t take on the responsibility of others.

30. Forgive yourself, forgive others.

31. Be gentle with yourself. Stop being so hard on yourself. Let go of perfectionism.

32. Take a multi-vitamin, B-vitamin and look into natural herbal remedies. I do not make any medical disclaimers here.

This article was reprinted with permission. Visit the author’s website for more articles and free email subscription.

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