3 Tips On How To Avoid Work Stress From Hurting Your Marriage?

Written By: Krystalyn Davis, LCSW

Work stress plays a very major role in hurting married life. Most men and women bring their stress home. The stress then spills over at home and creates further stress. Home should be used to dissolve the work stress. You want to create an environment that’s relaxing, rejuvenating, and receive comfort from your partner. Unfortunately, the opposite tends to happen. Below are a few tips on how to avoid this and keep your home protected from this dynamic.

Tip #1: Rearranging your priorities

The very first question should be – What is more important? Married life or work life? New work /job can be found, but getting another person to marry will be difficult. What about after retirement? Who will be with us- our spouse or our company? We never think about these issues. For us the stress at that moment is the center of our life. Our mind is occupied with that stress. Therefore when we reach home, we are ready to speak harshly, blame family members, showing irritation and express our frustration in many other ways.

Tip #2 Avoid Displacement of Frustrations from Work

It’s easy to come home and display our frustrations from the day. Try to take 5 or 10 minutes before you enter your home to transition your thought process. This will help make your family a partner in deescalating from the day and not blaming them for contributing to your work woes. A marriage can be a great cure for stressed life. It can bring balance where needed.

Tip #3 Maintain Open Communication with Your Partner

If something is weighing heavy on you, include your family as a part of the problem solving process. Tell your spouse/partner about the stress and ask help to get over it. He/she will find ways to bring comfort. If your partner is unsure, then communicate directly on ways they can help. You will be surprise at the solutions that are presented.

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